Supplier Management System Home Page

The United Illuminating Supplier Management System is a self-service Web site for suppliers actively pursuing electric customers in UI's territory.

From this Web site, you can register with UI, which will give you access to the UI customer information. Additionally, from this Web site, you can access important information that will help you understand how to conduct business with UI in the deregulated environment.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use the full capabilities of this Web site:

  1. First, you must log into the Web site by clicking on the link called "Log In" after entering your UI-assigned User ID and Password. If you are a supplier who has applied for a license from the DPUC, you should have received your User ID and Password in an e-mail or special mailing sent to you. If not, please contact the UI Supplier Relations Department.
  2. Next, to register with UI, click on the "Register with UI" link, fill out the form requesting to initiate a Service Agreement with UI, and download the sample Service Agreement.
  3. The UI Supplier Relations Department will then contact you to begin negotiating the details of your Service Agreement.
  4. Once you complete the registration process by signing the Service Agreement, you will be able to use this Web site to access UI's customer information. Electric suppliers are entitled to UI customers' historical usage data (up to 12 months) provided the customer has approved the release of this information. In addition, electric suppliers are entitled to UI’s list of non-private customers.

Registered suppliers can download UI's Non-Private Customer Information lists by city by clicking on the link called "Download Customer List." Specifically, this information includes all non-private customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, rate classes and billing cycles and metering environments. In May 1999, UI gave customers the option to flag their accounts as private or non-private. This privacy status applies only to the release of customer lists, and not to the release of historical usage. By law, UI must provide this data, upon request, to licensed electric suppliers.

Registered suppliers and aggregators can download up to 36 months of UI's customers' historical usage data by clicking on the link called "Request Usage".

Registered suppliers and aggregators also may request customized customer information by clicking on the link called "Request Custom Data". A fee may be required to fulfill custom data requests.