Suppliers List

Supplier List contains list of all suppliers with all details of Supplier Code, Supplier Name, Status, Customer Service Phone Number, Customer Service Email. Also, it has option to add new supplier by clicking on "Add Supplier" button, which is similar to Register New Supplier Admin using Registration page.


Supplier company shows status as "NEW" then it will have options to "Approve/Approve Restricted/Reject". UI Admin can select either of the one. For Approve and Approve restricted, UI Admin has to provide company code in Manage Supplier page. This can be done by selecting the supplier comapny from Supplier list page will lead to Manage Suppliers page, there he can enter company code and click "Save Supplier Code" button will save the supplier code, genartes the encoder number if it doesn't exists and sends the confirmation mail with code and encoder number to all supplier admins belong to that company.


If Supplier company status shows "Approve Restricted" then all supplier admins and Supplier Members belong to that company would not be having access to non private customer list.


Select supplier company to go to Manage Suppliers page, there we can see Company Information, EDI Information, Banking Information, Manage Member, Service Agreement and Rate Information details.