Manage Members

This page allows you to manage information of members of your company registered with UI. You can do the following to manage members of your company-

This page displays the list of all new members, active members and inactive members. Each of the list displays the following fields for each of the members in that list-

Please read further for field level details for each of the functionalities-

Add Member : To add a new member for your company, fill the following member contact information and click on submit to save the information. Click on cancel to go back to list of members without saving the changes. The newly registered member will receive email notification with login userid and (automatically created) password details once registered as a member using this functionality.

Edit Member Profile : To edit profile of a member for your company, click on the userid for the same and that opens the following information in view mode. Click on Edit button, to edit the information and click on submit to save the changes. Click on cancel, to go back to member list. Click on "Manage Access" to manage access of the selected member.